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Blog: Homebrew Kit Giveaway!

So many of my podcast guests begin their story with “I bought a homebrew kit and the rest is history.” Well Building Breweries and my friends at Brewgrass Homebrew Supply want to make sure you get that same opportunity - at no cost.

Brewgrass Homebrew Supply - Giveaway

If you’ve ever wanted to start homebrewing, or maybe you know somebody that wants a kit for Christmas, here’s a great opportunity.

You could win a Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit that will have all of the tools and equipment you need to brew your own beer at home.

Includes: 5 gallon Stainless brew pot 6.5 gallon fermenting bucket Bottling bucket Airlock Autosiphon Transfer tubing Thermometer Hydrometer Bottle filling wand Bottle Capper 24" food grade stirring spoon Cleaning brush Food safe, no-rinse sanitizer


A $45 gift certificate to Brewgrass Homebrew Supply for your first custom crafted recipe with step by step instructions and homebrew hotline support.

Contest ends 12/11.

Interested? Head over to the

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