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Podcast: White House Homebrewing with Chef Sam Kass

Chef Sam Kass and homebrew (Photo Credit: Washington Post)

It's no secret President Obama likes to enjoy the occasional beer. But did you know he wanted homebrew in the White House? White House Chef Sam Kass joins the Podcast to discuss his role in the brewing that was done under the Obama Administration.

In 2011, Sam Kass recognized America's resurgence of local food and local beer. Knowing that the President was a fan of good beer, Sam pitched the idea of homebrewing on property grounds. President Obama agreed to purchase a couple hombrewing kits from a local Washington D.C. Homebrew Shop.

White House Beer Label. Photo Credit: WEWS

White House Honey Ale, Honey Blonde, and Honey Porter were all brewed and bottled. The homebrew was an instant hit among friends, family, and coworkers in the White House. Proud of the work being done, the White House Archivist discovered that this was the first beer to be brewed on White House grounds.

We always say we want to vote for the President that you'd have a beer with. How about a President that you'd want to brew with?

Listen to the interview here:

Interested in Sam Kass' new book? Pre-order 'Eat a Little Better' on Amazon.

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