• Michael Moeller

Beer Press #2: Kirkland Light + Nathan's Hot Dog (Fourth of July Edition)

Oh God, what have I done?

Fourth of July, America's Birthday, Independence Day. We all know it by different names - but we collectively recognize it as a day of fireworks, cookouts, and your friends' less-than-ideal choice in beer.

And, of course, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

For those that don't go to Costco, Kirkland is the generic brand for many different products that are available at Costco. Kirkland Light is their attempt at a Coors/Bud. How good is this beer? Well, you can buy a 48 pack for less than $24.00, so you be the judge.

So you have some leftover Nathan's Famous Franks and a couple cans of Kirkland Light in the fridge. You always have some options with leftovers. Might as well Beer Press 'em!

Slice the hot dog enough to fit into your press. Muddle.

Let the beer be infused for 60-120 seconds before pressing

The finished product.

After the beer press, the new liquid reminded me of hot dog water - which means this significantly increases the taste of the Kirkland Light. However, because you have to waste a perfectly good Nathan's Famous Frank, I do not recommend you try this at home.

Happy Fourth of July.

Me with Nathan's Hot Dog eating champion Joey Chestnut

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