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Craft Brewery Marketers Get Recognition at New "Craft Beer Marketing Awards"

Great tasting beer has always received industry awards, but as the craft brewing industry grows, so do the businesses, number of employees, and roles within the company. Finally, other brewery employees will receive recognition in the industry's first "Craft Beer Marketing Awards" (CMBA) this April at the Craft Brewers Conference in San Antonio.

Some of the award categories are:

  • Best Can

  • Best Tap Handle Design

  • Best Original Video

  • Best Merchandise Design

  • Best Use of Social Media

  • Best Website Design

  • Beer Marketing Wild-Cards (like Coolest Taproom)

(To see the full list of categories, click here)

What do nominees receive if they win? The Crushie, designed and manufactured by the same NYC designer awards firm that created the Emmy. The Crushie award is sculptured to depict a heavily tattooed arm crushing a beer can representing how breweries are “crushing it” with their unique beer marketing and branding.

But why?

Because, regardless of taste, ABV, or location of the brewery, many beer buyers are making their purchase decisions based on labels and brand awareness on social media. This is why a beer’s branding and packaging is the most effective means of influencing purchase at that decision-making moment. And now the individuals and teams that make those decisions have an opportunity to be recognized.

So, while brewers are owed credit for great tasting beer, let's not forget to give kudos to their coworkers that share their stories and personalities outside of the brewery walls. Sounds like the CMBA wants to help with that.


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